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My name is Vanessa.

I'm 26 years old.

Wife to the most AMAZING man, Jacob, my best friend, Mother to our BEAUTIFUL little girl Gracelyn Rose(4), our son Noah Jacob(almost2) and a NEW addition Elise (4months).  I seriously LOOOOVE being a mom. 

I've been a "photographer" since I was 12. LOL.  It's all I've ever wanted to do.
I started getting serious in 2007 and have been loving it ever since. 
I love hot weather; 80-100 degrees is just right. 
I am a sugar addict, (and yes,I know that I need to cut back before it turns into type 2 diabetes) it instantly makes me happy.  I'm an adrenaline JUNKY! 
I love things that go FAST, motorcycles, roller coasters and am DYING to try sky diving! 
I love laughing uncontrollably!  Youknow, when you laugh so hard that it just HURTS! 
I love my family so much and have been so blessed to have people in my life that will love and support me through every season in life. 
I love singing, dancing, smiling till my cheeks hurt, ZUMBA, and every other kind of competitive sport, (even the ones I'm bad at). I think a quote from a creative writing paper I wrote in 1st grade pretty much sums me up;

"In heaven, I think I will be able to play all the time.  I won't need to eat or sleep, just PLAY!"

I'm SUPER EXCITED to meet you!