Ryan and Kristin

Hi my beautiful cousin!

Your patience with this whole album thing has been seriously appreciated as I try to figure out my new (but not surprising) ADHD diagnosis, and trying to balance homeschooling 4 monkeys, photography, and life in general.  Thank you for your graciousness.

Both mine, and Roxanne's images are here for you to look through.
Please mark your FAVORITE images that you'd like to for sure be front and center in your album. You do this by clicking the heart on the image, and adding it to the "Favorites" folder.  These images will be the largest on the pages.

Next, mark the images that you DO NOT WANT featured in the album in ANY way by clicking the heart, and adding these images to the "No Thank You" album.

After you're finished sorting your favorites and no thank you's, I'll design the album and email you a preview before it goes to print! YAY!

Let me know if you have any questions.  I love you!